Stand Firm in the Faith

Thank You for a fruitful ABBA Father’s Weekend !

Thank You to All who participated and served in the ABBA Father’s Weekend!  Praise and Thank God!


Testimonial from Bro Cyrod, SOLD National Coordinator:

The experience in ABBA Fathers Weekend truly an inspiring! Modern society offers many definitions on what it is to become a Father and at times this leads to confusing meanings. Crucial to the plan of God for salvation is the defense and advancement of the family, the basic unit of society. Even more so, the role of the father is crucial in the family. The failure of families to fulfil the mandate of God is often attributed to the failure to live out their true roles.
In Couples for Christ the majority of leaders are men as we are called to practice headship in the truest if self-sacrifice. However, we have no specific program to address the issues of being fathers. Many CFC men despite their positions of leadership and even maturity in the Christian life struggle with father issues. Previous negative experiences with our own fathers compounded the situation. And that was the intention of the ABBA Fathers Weekend to address these issues.