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SportsFest 2017 – “SF”

Couples for Christ Singapore SportsFest 2017


Experience once more the fun and excitement as we hold the CFC-Sg Sportsfest this year on the 30th September at Dulwich College!

Dubbed simply as “SF” this year’s sportsfest, which will also have some events to be played earlier (offline games) promises to bring back the same enjoyment, the same passion to achieve and the same friendly competition amongst members of our beloved community.

We will be sharing more information and details regarding SF each day, so watch out for all these. In the mean time, let our other CFC brethren know that SF will be happening. Ask them to join. It will be Super Fun!

~SF2017Committee ( 1 COR 16 : 13-14 )

#CFCSGSportsfestCheck our Facebook Event page for updates!