Stand Firm in the Faith

Christmas Message from CFC Singapore National Council Director

Dear brethren of CFC Singapore,

With great joy, we greet you all a Joyful & Blessed Christmas!

Our preparation in Advent finds fulfillment in the birth of our Lord Jesus as we celebrate the Christmas Season. A season of hope, peace, joy & most of all, love in everything we do.  We rejoice in the Lord. Rejoicing that comes from the heart. Rejoicing that runs deep in our being, knowing we have a God who is Emmanuel, a God with us every moment of our lives. A God who loves us and loves us unconditionally.

We give thanks to a God who poured out His abundant blessings to us this year. We have been led into strengthening our love for our families and community even more. We have been blessed with many opportunities to share His love to more and more people in our evangelization work through our own personal journey and through our work with the Catholic Church in Singapore. We have also been blessed with more opportunities to care more for our needy brethren through the work with the poor.

Christ’s coming blesses us with the gift of hope. Our celebration of His birth today gives us this same hope that things will be better. Hope that He will never abandon us. Hope that His love will always overcome whatever obstacle may be in the way of our joy and of being able to live life to the full.

On behalf of the CFC SG National Council, we wish you and your families a Joyous & Blessed Christmas!

Bro Theodore and Sis Ramona Olsen