Blessed Are Those Who Hope In The Lord!

2Tim1:6, 4:1-5

Thank God I Lost My Job.

While listening to Radio Veritas, I chanced upon hearing Bishop Pabillo’s reflection and pondered on his words: “Ang ating maling paniniwala ang humahadlang sa atin na makita ang galaw at mensahe ng Panginoong Hesus (our wrong belief is what prevents us from seeing the works and messages of Our Lord Jesus).

Just a brief background: I supported my family from the day I started working in 1997. The majority of financial support that my parents received mostly come from me. We’ve had our ups and downs. My mother got hospitalized twice between 2015 – 2016 but the biggest problem was when she was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia last May of 2018.  I had to fly home frequently, and had  to pay for the Doctors’ fees, medications, check-ups, MRIs, etc.

On 2nd July 2018, while I was still devastated with my mother’s condition, I received the bad news – I got terminated by my boss due to down-sizing. I asked God, “why now? Our family is in crisis, majority of financial support comes from me, Lord, why now?” What will happen to my plans? To my future? Given my age and status, it seems impossible for me to land a job in the Philippines that will satisfy my family’s needs.”

Another blow came again when she got hospitalized and admitted to ICU because of high sugar level. After dismissal, she suffered from psoriasis that she had to undergo light therapy, thrice a week.
After my mother, it was my father’s turn to be hospitalized last December 2018. He was in and out of the hospital until April 2019 due to mild stroke and pneumonia.

I was stripped-off the things I acquired for myself. I ran out of my savings and for the very first time in my life, I had to depend on my siblings’ support. It was tough for they also have to support the medical needs of our parents on top of our monthly expenses.

With all the “trials”, I was tempted to lose hope and blame God for our suffering. Oftentimes, I murmured to God: “I tried to be a good person,” “I tried to stand with the Catholic Church and defend my Catholic Faith,” I am short of saying, “Lord, do I really deserve these things?”

What I learned from Jeremiah 17:10 is that, if you are with God, if you keep His words and commandments, if you trust and put your hope in Him alone, you will bear “fruits,” and that is, you will learn how to appreciate even the smallest things in your life.

Then I realized: with the “ugly” events we encountered, our family was able to reconcile. My other siblings are now in speaking-terms. I am now able to spend quality times with my parents. Aside from going to the grocery, hearing Mass every Sunday, we pray the rosary together, which we have never done before as a family.  We are now doing it almost every night for more than 3 months, and there are times that my mother initiates and asks me to start praying. Truly, a wonderful fruit.

I also had an opportunity to take care of my parents like giving them medications, preparing healthy foods and even bathing my father when he was so weak and suffering from delirium. It was a wonderful moment for I had the chance to reminisce with my father what he used to do with me when I was still a kid.

I used to share this before: “Do not complain, just hold on to God and remain.” Remember Jeremiah which means; “God will exalt,” or “God will hold in high regards.” God will take care of us.

When I feel like losing hope, I always pray for a clarity of mind and a courageous heart so that I may understand His will, or that I may learn to trust Him; and be courageous to do His will.

Luke 16:19-31 says that after going through tribulations, God will reward us with His presence like what Lazarus experienced.

Today, I am waiting for a formal job offer for signing, and hopefully will start working this May 2019.

Thank God, I lost my job. For without it, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the abundant blessing He showered me with: siblings who supported me, friends who helped me land a job, and time with my parents who gave me an opportunity to serve them.

With the “downs” in our family and the coming “ups,” I can now say what Peter said to Jesus during His Transfiguration: “Lord, it is good to be here.” Jesus’ Resurrection reminds us that there is Hope. Indeed, blessed are they who hope in the Lord.

God Bless us all!

SOLD Brother Rhenant Larin

* Bro Rhenant is 2nd from left in the picture below