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Couples For Christ Singapore

Memorandum (April 22, 2014) - CFC 33rd Anniversary Theme

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CFC SG 27th Anniversary T-shirts!

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CFC SG @ 27: Registration Summary (as of April 22)

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Lord's peace be with you all.

As of today, we have the following number of registrants as per the partial list submitted:


- CFC North: 107 (including KFCs)

- CFC West: ?

- CFC East: ?

- CFC Serangoon: ?

- YFC: 84 (and counting)

- SFC: 23

- HOLD: 20

- SOLD: 16

Thank you coordinators for your effort and for the partial list submitted, and thank you to all who registered.

Please note that we have barely 4 more days to go before the deadline which is on 25 April. We hope that for those who have not registered yet, please do so. And for those who were listed, we would also like to remind to please settle your registration payment through your HH/UH.

Thank you and see you all in the 27th Anniversary celebration.

Bro. Jesse and Sis. Quing


YFC Leaders Asembly (April 2014): See you there!

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SFC Intimacy Weekend 2014: Save the Date!

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