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Home Island-wide Happenings Magnificat Weekend 2012: Proclaiming the Greatness of the Lord

Magnificat Weekend 2012: Proclaiming the Greatness of the Lord

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Last March 24, 553 Couples for Christ Singapore (CFC SG) and Johor Bahru members from different ministries trooped to Salvation Army Auditorium in Bishan to celebrate the Magnificat Weekend. With the anchor verse "Proclaim the Greatness of the Lord" from Luke 1:46-55, this year's Theme Weekend is based on the Canticle of Mary.

The afternoon kicked off with a mass rosary led by CFC Chapter 3 Household Head Sis. Janice Tito followed by a powerful opening praise and worship by National Council Member and Mission Head Bro. Beng de Leon. Afterwhich, Spiritual Director Rev. Fr. Stephen Yim took the stage for the opening remarks expounding on the essence of Mary’s Magnificat, exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Holy Hour, and the blessing and imposition with the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to the NC members.

The Session #1: Proclaim the Greatness of the Lord then commenced with a Singles for Christ (SFC) production dance number of the weekend theme song of the same title - an original song composed by Bro. Tito Cayamanda. The speaker, CFC Global Provincial Area Head for Iloilo, Philippines and Advisory Board Chairman on Finance and Good Governance Bro. Alex Escucha then emphasised that evangelisation is our community's primary mission and that though the task is daunting, we should entrust this to the heart and hands of the Most Holy Virgin of Guadalupe - the Virgin of evangelisation. The sharer, CFC Chapter 1 Household Head and C.L.O.W.N.S. Mission Ready Team (MRT) Head Bro. Elmer Lobusta re-affirmed the talk by relating on his experience on expanding his team's evangelisation reach by conducting CFC-based retreats to the parishioners of Nativity Church with his wife Sis. Miyen and the rest of the CFC community.

After a 30-minute break, the afternoon resumed with Session #2: All Ages Will Call Me Blessed: Call to Holiness and Discipleship. YFC West 2 Household Head Yrozz Sison portrayed Mary's role in an interpretative dance number of CFC Chapter 3 Music Ministry's "Magnificat". The speaker, CFC Global Board of Elders Member, Greater Mekong Area Coordinator, and Metro Manila Central C Sector Head Bro. Bong Arjonillo then highlighted that Mary was a unique witness to the mystery of Jesus. Thus, all generations have called her blessed. Hence, to emulate her, we should adhere to the following:

  • ·M-ake a commitment to real transformation
  • ·A-rdently follow your covenant in CFC (don't practice double standard Christianity)
  • ·R-
  • ·Y-es to God's call always

The sharer, CFC Chapter 1 Household Member and Team Malakh MRT Member Bro. Caesar Chiu then related his CFC journey thus far as well as the many YES that he and his wife Sis. Lorna committed for the Lord and the community.

Session #3: Lift Up the Lowly then followed with a role play on broken people by CFC members with CFC Chapter 3 Household Head and Music Ministry Maestro Sis. Maj Garcia and CFC Chapter 3 Household Head Bro. Romel Tito singing "Nothing is Impossible". The speaker, SFC International Coordinator, South Africa Region Head, Swazi Land Country Coordinator, and Board of Elders Member Bro. Shok Arriola stressed that loving the poor and lifting up the lowly is not an option in our way of life as CFC members. Rather, it is to be a concrete expression of living our faith as Christians. Thus, our song of mission for CFC should include the following:

  • ·Divine Call
  • ·Divine Mission
  • ·Expressions of Love
  • ·Answering God’s Call

The sharer, CFC Chapter 2 Head Bro. Gerry Falsado then gave a quick overview on Answering the Cry of the Poor’s (ANCOP) work in Singapore and zoomed in on his experience during a house transformation activity at Holland Close in 2010.

After a 45-minute dinner break, the evening resumed with Session #4: God is Faithful to all Generations. A video presentation asking members about ways to proclaim God’s greatness was shown much to delight of the crowd. The speaker, Bro. Shok returned onstage relating his experience as a six (6)-year missionary to South Africa and testifying that God has been faithful to him and his family throughout their missionary stint. Thus, he exhorted everyone to be like Mary, the faithful handmaid of the Lord – the first and foremost disciple who went in haste and proclaimed the greatness of the Lord.

The first set of sharers, Bro. William and Susan Villaviray’s children and YFC and KFC leaders Sean, Miles, and Larah recounted the days on how they moved to SinUgapore and how they dealt with the sudden loss of their father’s job. On the other hand, the second set of sharers, NC Member and Home Office / Admin & Finance Head Bro. Rene de Jesus and his family exhorted everyone on serving the community as they related on their different services across ministries via a video feed. Much to the surprise of the crowd, the entire family then came onstage and sang “Let Us Exalt His Name”.

The evening concluded with the distribution of the brown scapular and a praisefest led by YFC full-time worker Bro. Mike Ybiernas.

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