2Tim1:6, 4:1-5

CFC East Chapter 1 is composed of couples from diverse lifestyles, backgrounds, and ministries. Comprising 3 Units, East 1 serves actively in the Church of the Holy Trinity (Tampines) and Church of Divine Mercy (Pasir Ris).

With a mix of “veteran” CFC members and fresh graduates from the recent CLPs, East 1 continues to grow in faith, in number, and in service. Frequently collaborating with the members and leaders of the East 2 Chapter, we strive to fully support the activities of our parishes as well as the community. We have members who are very active in service in the church ministries, and we also gladly lend our hands in major CFC events.

What is community life without camaraderie and fellowship? East 1 fully lives out the concept of being extended families to each other, and this can especially be seen during our household gatherings!

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