Family is a Gift!

2Tim1:6, 4:1-5

We were very much privileged to join the 1st ever Kids for Christ (KFC) International Family Conference and at the same time the 25th anniversary celebration of KFC at IEC Convention Centre Cebu Philippines from May 11-13, 2018. It was indeed an awesome experience for our family and a once in a lifetime moment that we will always cherish.

As KFC Singapore Serangoon 2 Chapter Couple Coordinators, Lhen and I, together with our kids James Arzen (9yrs old) and Jelena Anne (6yrs old), were part of Singapore delegation.

The KFC International Family Conference was a spirit-filled, exciting, fun, energetic, informative and very enlightening 3-day event.

Day 1 was FUN as it was full of performances, celebration and dancing. In the morning, all the delegates per region/country had their own representatives to showcase their talent may it be singing, dancing, acting etc. CFC Singapore gave a dance performance, and my wife Lhen and I were part of it. We also made a video presentation that was shown via widescreen to all the delegates. The highlight for Day 1 was the Praise Parade where delegates from all over the world shared their talents via creative festival numbers unique to their region/country. The performances were really amazing and you could feel that our dear brothers and sisters had really invested time, talent and treasure to be able to give wonderful presentations all for the glory of our Lord GOD. The day ended with the parade of 25 cakes and 25 delicious and mouth-watering Cebu Lechon to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Kids for Christ.

Day 2 and Day 3 started and ended with Kids Praise. It was really very touching to see our children James Arzen and Jelena Anne praising, singing and dancing with other KFC Singapore kids and with thousands of participants from all over the world. I could say that the ROCK facilitators performing on the stage were all really good that’s why the kids and including us parents were also all pumped-up to Praise and Worship via dancing.

All the three sessions were inspiring and we had learned a lot as a family.  As parents, we learned how important our role is to our kids. Our children,  James and Jelena had valuable takeaway learnings as well.

Session 1 was about the importance of spending time to pray together as a family. We have learned that we should have our family prayer time aside from our individual prayer time and also appreciated the importance of praying the rosary. After the talk, we prayed as one family and we also created our Family anchor verse (“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15) with drawings and designs by our kids.

Session 2 emphasized on the importance of play time as a family. Nowadays parents are so busy at work (work time), kids are also busy doing their homework (study time) and the whole family are busy either on gadgets/phones/computers/TV (screen time) that lead to families NOT to spend quality time together. We were reminded that playing as one family teaches us love and discipline. It also builds a strong bond and creates wonderful memories for the family. “A family that plays together stays happy together” – that’s why after the session, we played together as a family and was reminded that family play time is always the best.

Session 3 was on Day 3 and our KFC Singapore National Coordinators bro Allaine & sis Khay Sotto, together with their beautiful daughter Catherine, talked about becoming Families for GOD and that we should go out and proclaim the love of GOD to other families. They emphasized that our families should be the place where joy, acceptance, lasting friendship, respect, love, the desire to help each other to be closer to GOD and effort to spend quality time as a family are all present.

Overall, we learned that our family is a gift and that we should celebrate God’s gift by praying together as a family, playing together as a family and becoming families for God which inspires other families.

We had the privilege to echo the Family Conference in Singapore last June 30, 2018 which was attended by a lot of our brethen. Our family conducted Session 2 and we praise and thank God for giving us that wonderful family experience that we will forever treasure.

For all of that, May GOD be Praised as always.

In Christ,
Bro James & Sis Lhen Monasterial
KFC Singapore Serangoon 2 Couple Coordinators