Pastoral Guidance

2Tim1:6, 4:1-5


CFC is actively involved in evangelization, faith formation, and leadership development of all its members and Catholics in general. The programs are at times offered to other groups in the parishes. Towards this end, the CFC year plan has traditionally focused on training and development programs designed for the spiritual nourishment of both new and established members.

The past few years saw significant gains in its outreach to the general Catholic population in Singapore, with particular growth in outreach for our YFC Ministry. The youth being our future generation are being actively nurtured. As membership expanded towards the latter half of the year, more youths were enrolled into our leadership programs to provide the leadership needed to shepherd the growing membership.


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The nourishment for our members comes through various activities such as
– household meetings (or cell group meetings, which includes praise & worship, bible sharing or topical discussion, and fellowship);
– trainings / teachings catered for different levels of spiritual growth of members and leaders;
– monthly general prayer assemblies; and
– conferences & seminars (local & international).

CFC’s ongoing evangelization thrust is through its core program – the Christian Life Program (CLP) – in different parishes in the Archdiocese of Singapore; and also de-centralized home-based and strategic CLPs.

In addition to the above activities, CFC and its family ministries worked together with the family life teams of the parishes of St. Ignatius, St. Anthony, OLPS, Holy Spirit, and IHM to conduct family camps/ retreats, youth camps, kid’s camp, and father-son bond camps.


In the current and years to come, CFC-Singapore hopes to achieve a deeper spiritual growth of the members through a support system of prayer meetings, trainings and faith formation, social involvement, and retreats. Through these activities, members are reminded to strengthen themselves in the Lord and to enthrone God in their homes, in their marriage, and in their relationship with their families.

CFC-Singapore continues its on-going outreach activities through its CLP in the various parishes that it operates from and likewise welcomes new parishes as opportunities present themselves.   There are also plans to conduct home-based CLPs to cater for less number of people in a more homely environment.

In the Social Ministries, CFC-Singapore continues to reach out to poor families in Singapore through the ANCOP (Answer to the Cry of the Poor) programs in collaboration with Care Corner. It also reaches out to domestic helpers through the values formation Programs and connects to the elderly and sick people in homes for the aged.  In the parishes, there are plans to support the St. Vincent De Paul in their ministry for the poor.

In previous years, CFC-Singapore was privileged to work with the family life groups of various parishes to run family retreats & camps for the church. Such opportunities are being look forward for the year 2011 and beyond.   The community aims to work hard to strengthen family life and help develop the youth as the future of the church. This is to be achieved through the works of the CFC pillars.

In the mission aspects, CFC-Singapore continues to reach out to other countries to do evangelization works.  The target mission areas are Malaysia, East Timor, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia (Perth & Darwin), and other part of South East Asia. 

With these activities ahead for CFC-Singapore, it is truly an amazing thing to look forward with God’s grace and wisdom to the community’s journey of evangelization.