Announcement of New Servant Leaders in CFC Singapore Effective 1st July 2019

Announcement of New Servant Leaders in CFC Singapore Effective 1st July 2019

7th June 2019

CFC Singapore
CFC Singapore National Council

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

With joy and thanksgiving to God, the National Council would like to announce the changes of pillar heads:

Bro Rolly & Sis Mabee Unas will be leaving CFC Singapore to return to the Philippines by end of June as he has retired from his secular job. They have been of great service and blessing to the community and we will truly miss them. With heartfelt gratitude, we thank them both for their dedicated and committed service to CFC Singapore since 2009, and wish them God’s abundant blessings in their new area of service in CFC and in the family.

Bro Gerry (Sis Piel) Falsado has been appointed to the National Council. Bro Gerry will head the Pastoral Formation Office and also assume the role of CFC Treasurer. We thank Bro Gerry & Sis Piel for their willing & servant hearts to serve.

Bro Dick (Sis Elaine) Cercado will serve as Head of Evangelisation.

Bro Ben (Sis Christina) Lam will serve as Secretariat in the Home Office.

In addition, we also thank Bro Jun (Sis Rina) Frias who will step up their service as Couples Cluster Leaders.

All these new appointments take effect from 1st July 2019.

Let us pray for our servant leaders as they begin their new service, that God would be their constant strength and help. And may God bless them with His wisdom to serve for His greater honor & glory!

Your co-servant in Christ,
Bro Theodore Olsen
On behalf of the National Council