2Tim1:6, 4:1-5

East 2 Chapter consists of 3 units and the Couple Coordinators for KFC, YFC and SFC; with close to 100 active members (50 couples) in total.


A number of East 2 members have been with the CFC Community as early as year-2000. Hence CFC has practically been integrated in the day to day life – where prayer, fellowship, and service have become the culture.


Brotherhood, sisterhood, and compassion have formed a bond that merge families to create a one big family supporting each other, backing each other up, and above all praying for each other.


The East 2 Chapter is actively supporting the Church of Divine Mercy Parish in Pasir Ris; where members across the chapter passionately serve in the different parish ministries: as church wardens, as regular choir members; and in Children’s Liturgy.


Come to the Church of Divine Mercy and you will surely see a member or two from East 2 Chapter ready to welcome and greet you with a warm smile.






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