2Tim1:6, 4:1-5

Message from Head of Evangelization Pillar:


What inspires you to love God?

What inspires you to love your fellowmen?

Or are you looking for that inspiration?

Or perhaps you are looking or wanting to be with community that share the same inspiration and conviction?

Then COUPLES FOR CHRIST is for you.

COUPLES FOR CHRIST or CFC is a Catholic Lay Community that is recognized by the Vatican’s PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR THE LAITY (now called DICASTERY FOR LAITY, FAMILY AND LIFE) and supports the Catholic Church in the work of evangelization.  Our focus is on both individual and family renewal which we achieve through a continuing pastoral formation and membership support.

It starts with the CHRISTIAN LIFE PROGRAM or CLP for married Christian couples.  Upon completion of the program, couples are grouped into HOUSEHOLDS comprising of about 4 to 7 couples led by a pastoral head.  Members are nurtured through continuous personal encounter with other Brothers and Sisters in the HOUSEHOLD and in other prayer assemblies and events.

Nurturing is further enhanced individually and collectively through prayer, Scripture study, receiving of the Sacraments, and through service and fellowship with one another.

CFC Singapore is one with the Catholic Church and thus selflessly share its charisms, teachings and learnings to Parishes and its parishioners.  But greater encounter with Christ is achieved by being a brother or a sister who continue to inspire, love and serve one another.


Bro Rolly and Sis Mabee Unas

March 2019


CFC Singapore Household Organization

CFC has grown in membership and servant leadership by the grace of His Spirit! The growth provides more workers in His vineyard in building the church of the Home and church of the poor. This includes next level of vibrancy as it opens more opportunity to serve one another and fulfil the mission to be an evangelistic community.

CFC Sector Organization as of June 2018:

Please refer to the Cluster or Chapter pages for more details and announcements.

Please click link for our ongoing and upcoming CLPs in different Parish Churches or Singapore districts: Christian Life Program Schedules