Kids for Christ

“Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” –Mark 10:14


CFC Kids for Christ (KFC) aims to provide a Christian support environment for children of CFC and non-CFC who are between the ages of 4-12 years old. Owing to the wide age range covered by the ministry, we have separate programs for the junior kids, those of ages 4-8, and senior kids, those of ages 9-12.

Realizing that a program for kids needs to be simply understood, exciting, and fun-filled, we have put a premium on four characteristics of the KFC Program.

FUN – activities are enjoyable and stimulate the child’s creativity, perception, and sensitivity

FRIENDSHIP – activities encourage members to build strong friendships with one another

FAITH – activities explain Christian faith elements in kids’ language

FREE – activities respect the kids for who and what they are and what they can be


Kids For Christ Vision

Sharing Christ’s joy to the family and the world.

Kids For Christ Mission

Evangelizing Kids – To make Jesus Christ the most exciting person in the lives of the kids.

Enriching Families – To provide opportunities for families to be closer to God and to each other.

Renewing Society – To enable the kids and their families to make an impact to the society and become World Changers.

CFC Kids for Christ Activities

Kids Evangelization Activities

Entry Camp – It is the entry point of children ages 4 to 12 years old who want to be members of CFC Kids for Christ. We have two types of entry camps for KFC namely, Senior Kids Camp for kids ages 9 to 12 years old and Junior Kids Day for kids ages 4 to 8 years old.

Pastoral Assembly and Parents’ Forum – It is a gathering of the kids where liturgically aligned topics are given to the Junior and Senior Kids. Parents’ forum, on the other hand, is the gathering of parents whose children are attending the assembly. Conducted simultaneously during the KFC Pastoral Assembly, it is a valuable way to share ideas, views, and concerns relevant to the child’s spiritual journey.

 Family Enrichment Activities

These activities are designed to impart to kids and their families the importance of communication, trust, respect, honor and love for each other. It is a venue where kids and their parents can spend time together, know each other better and have fun together.

 Society Renewal Activities

These are the activities that give kids the opportunity to show the rest of the world that no one is too small to help renew the society. KFC Global Day of Service (GDS) is an annual, global event every September, were CFC Kids for Christ members together with their families and friends, are able to put their faith into action by doing acts of love and service to make positive impact to the world.


Meet Our Kids For Christ National Couple Coordinator and Chapter Couple Coordinators

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KFC Pastoral Assembly 2019

Kids For Christ

Pastoral Assembly

November 2019

Kids For Christ

Pastoral Assembly

October 2019

Kids For Christ

Pastoral Assembly

August 2019

Kids For Christ

Pastoral Assembly

July 2019

Kids For Christ

Pastoral Assembly

June 2019

Kids For Christ

Pastoral Assembly

April 2019

Kids For Christ

Pastoral Assembly

March 2019

Family Household

One unforgettable Family Household activity for the Landayan family was when the kids generously shared what they had to their parents Daddy Allan and Mommy Chiqui.
“How they offered to sacrifice for us was beyond our imagination!” Mommy Chiqui added.
Daddy Allan shared “It’s important for us to have our kids involved in family prayer because this helps build their relationship with the Lord while they are young.”
Eldest Cyrille called the Household “better family time” while Althea realized that it is an opportunity to get closer to God and family.
The Javier Family from Singapore shared that the Family Household helped their Gospel reflection to be more structured.
Daddy Raymond said, “We find it challenging to do because the interest of our kids are different from one another. However, the activity and messages fit for both our younger kids and the teens.”
Their son Adrian (17) shared that he enjoyed listening to his siblings. His sisters, Gianna (13) and Hannah (10), mentioned that every time they share and do the activity, it boosts their confidence.
Marian (8) adds, “I love that I always learn something from the activities.”
Lastly, Mommy Shermin says, “As we do the household regularly, we eventually enjoy the experience of knowing more of each other.”
Get to know your family more through the Family Household!
“We always give a teaser of the upcoming activities for our Family Household. It excites them and makes them look forward to it.”
The Monasterial family of CFC Singapore is now embracing the joy that the Family Household brings to their family.
Mommy Lhen shared, “As parents, we’ve also become more creative in preparing and conducting the household since we started last year.”
Daddy James added that their kids, 10-year-old James, and 7-year-old Jelena, had the most fun doing the “Resurrection Easter Egg Hunt” activity.
Surely, more families are discovering the gift of the Family Household!
The Velasquez couple, Daddy Tyrone and Mommy Girlie, shares the impact of the Family Household in their family.
“Our family vision of becoming ‘a faithful & fun family, fit to live life to the fullest through Christ who empowers us’ is fulfilled by the Family Household.”
Their 13-year-old daughter, Ysobel, said, “It is a fun way to bond and spend time together despite busyness in our studies and activities.”
“We were able to know each others thoughts about God,” says 8-year-old Lucas.
“Of course, Ysolde (4) and Matthias (2) are also active and participative especially during the Kids Praise and activities,” adds Mommy Girlie.
“With the family household, we can understand and relate to the Gospel when we attend the Holy Mass. It also became our weekly family bonding.”
Praise God for the gift of faith, family & fun!

KFC Kids Got Talent

7 December 2019

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CFC Thanksgiving

30 November 2019

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Global Day Of Service

28 September 2019

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CFC Community Day

14 September 2019

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Joint Prayer Assembly

7 September 2019

Junior Kids Day

06 July 2019

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KFC Family Amazing Race (Together In Every Situation)

11 May 2019

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KFC Couple Coordinators Weekend Training

A weekend full of learnings, fun, realizations and a more committed heart to serve the kids and bring Christ's joy to them and to their family.