Gift of Faith, Family & Fun!

2Tim1:6, 4:1-5

The family household enables us to fulfill our family vision “Faithful & fun family, fit to live life to the fullest through Christ who empowers us.”

Our weekly family household is full of joy, excitement & laughters. This is our usual sequence:

1. Start with a prayer.

2. Dance and sing two Kids for Christ’ (KFC) kids praise.

3. Read and proclaim the Gospel two times.

4. Give one by one her/his own prayers of thanksgiving and followed by petitions.

5. Do simple yet interesting tasks (e.g. blindfolding the kids, instructing them to find me through listening to my voice – portraying the sheep knowing the voice of the shepherd) related to the Gospel

6. Wrap up with value of that week, thoughts and trivia.

7. Close with a prayer.

For Ysobel, our 13 year old daughter, “it is a fun way to bond and spend time despite our busy schedules at work, school and service.”

For Lucas, our 8 years old son, “we are able to know each other thoughts in the family about God.”

Of course, Ysolde (4) and Matthias (2), are always active and participative specially in the kids praise and activity.

With the family household, this enables us to understand and be more receptive to God’s word when we attend the holy mass. Also, it fosters our family to be more closely bonded.

Praise God for the gift of faith, family & fun!

~ By Bro Tyrone an Sis Girlie Velasquez 

CFC Singapore