Nurturing Our Relationship with Our Partner Is Important

Jude and Yvone Lim, from the Rekindle Unit-HouseHold, attended MER 1

We had been looking for something like this since we attended CFC.   When we arrived at the MER in JB, we realized that this was an intensive retreat and it was a real eye opener to see how large scale this event was. The talks and couple sharing were really meaningful. The group sharing really touched our hearts because it was so personal and we started to look at our marriage in a different perspective. We learned to fight a good fight but to never let the sun set on our disagreements and to love each other always because we never know when it will be the last day of our lives…

The activities really helped us to focus on each other.  Even if we believed we did not have any major issues, attending the MER made our relationship a lot stronger.  Too often couples focus their efforts on children, parents and other matters forgetting to nurture their relationship with their partner.  We saw how the service team helped take care of other couples kids while they worked on the couple strengthening activities.  We thank the service team and everyone who helped make the MER weekend possible.  It was a truly blessed experience that we wish everyone can have a chance of experiencing.