Our Marriage Was Empowered By The Holy Spirit

2Tim1:6, 4:1-5

Rom and Miriam Rivera, from Serangoon 1, attended MER 2

During one of the talks in MER2 – Christian Parenting, we learned how we could control our emotions such as anger, and how we could control our words and actions in dealing and lovingly taking care of our children.

This talk also reminded us to bring our children closer to God by engaging them in family activities involving the children such as in the Kids For Christ activities.  Catechism is also important for the children allowing them to further understand at a very young age their faith.

In the MER 2 Talk 6 – Empowering Our Marriage, we were overwhelmed and moved by the Holy Spirit allowing us to experience peace in our hearts and minds.  The talk reminded us of our different roles as parents to our children and our roles in the family.  The husband being the priest, provider and protector of the family, and also the important role of the wife in the family.

As a couple we have learned and have reinforced ourselves in the important take-aways we had in the retreat mainly:

  • Faith in God as a couple and bringing also our children closer to God
  • The importance of personal and family prayers
  • Our appreciation of our love to our spouse and children
  • Being open and generous in accepting forgiveness and also asking for forgiveness if we have done wrong
  • Having a true communion with each other, trying to have time with each other and the chidren – one to one as a couple and also involving the children