Strengthened Our Bond Through Openness and Fun Activities

Tony & Mariz Oliva, from Serangoon 1, attended MER2

We are so thankful for the opportunity to attend the MER again. The Speakers were all engaging and so inspiring. Their sharings were very personal and they spoke from their hearts.

The retreat allowed us to spend time together and reflect on very significant topics covered in each MER2 session. Topics we sometimes take for granted and thought we already knew and are familiar with. But, since we were both focused and so inspired, we were able to open up. We were both surprised to find out, that we each had a different view or feelings on certain issues, allowing us to understand and adjust to each other better. 

We had fun too at the MER, had the chance to lighten up and just be a couple during the social night. We also enjoyed having meals and tea breaks with other CFC couples.

The MER2 was truly an enriching experience that strengthened our bond as husband and wife and deepened our relationship with the Lord individually and together as a couple.

Thank you to the CFC family and may God continue to bless our community🙏🙏