The Couple as Pastoral Team

Roland and Tess Castro, from CFC Serangoon 1, attended MER 1

We were blessed to have finally attended the MER1 as it confirmed what we have already been pondering in our hearts and minds since we joined the CFC three years ago. Before joining the CFC, we belonged to the traditional couples whose goal in marriage is to follow our ‘checklist’ that includes being able to raise our children as God-fearing Catholics and provide for them home, education and material things. To us, as long as we work hard to achieve these goals, which we eventually did, it was already enough to believe that we have fulfilled our obligation as parents. When we joined CFC, we witnessed our brothers and sisters who are also equally successful in these goals, but they still have the energy and great enthusiasm to serve the Lord as a couple!

Today, in this MER1, what struck us most is learning that our family should be a Pastoral Team and that we should support each other as husband and wife to reach this higher goal. We also learned that husband should be the priest of this Pastoral Team and should lead its direction. The wife should be on his side to support. 

We know in our hearts that there will surely be a lot of hindrances / challenges along the way, but, with the help and support of our brothers and sisters and our leaders in the CFC community plus the inspiration we continuously get in witnessing their unwavering service to the Lord, we believe that we will be able to achieve our higher goals.