The Path to Better Christian Life

2Tim1:6, 4:1-5

The Path to Better Christian Life

by | May 11, 2019 | 1 comment

(2 Peter 3:18) But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.

This bible verse tells so much about our eventual transformation and realization from the day my wife and I attended the Christian Life Program in 2018. Prior to joining CFC, we were already strong believers of Jesus Christ, as we went to church every Sunday, completed the dawn masses into Christ’s nativity and made sure that we lived according to His likeness. But the question was, “were these enough?”

My wife and I (Sis Roa) met in Singapore in year 2010 and eventually made our vows, and were blessed with 2 kids, Miggy and Xandra. Our journey here was primarily about work and the only time we could consider BREAK had to be devoted taking care of our children.

Early last year, we were wondering and planning to strengthen our bondage as a couple. This was due to the priorities and time that divided us brought about by our respective works. Last June 2018 as we were attending mass at St. Anne’s Church, we received a CFC flyer invite. So I asked my wife, “Is this the one we were talking about? Is this the SIGN we were waiting for?” And with no hesitation, Sister Roa uttered, – “Yes I think so.”

As our CFC expedition began by attending the CLP sessions, we were extremely astounded by what we witnessed around us. Our brothers and sisters were so passionate, encouraging, so charismatic, energizing, accommodating, and actively, whole heartedly, doing everything for Christ. There were no words to exactly describe what just transpired. All we knew at that particular moment was that, we were touched tremendously; that feeling of “love at first sight,” the feeling having your first born, the feeling of relief over long hours of work, the feeling of RECOGNITION….and YES, this was the rightful reaction we had. WE WERE BORN ANEW!

Throughout our CLP journey, Sis Roa remarkably completed the session with no missed sessions. I honour her that in-spite of her huge responsibility at work, she really made sure she attended the sessions. As I had multi-commitments as well, I had to attend make-up talks. I admire Bro Emer Sanchez & Bro Rey Rio for covering some of the talks I missed. There were times I asked myself why they had to invest time on me considering their busy schedules and personal commitments. I could just see in them Jesus and His disciples doing the apostolic duties spreading the Word of the Lord. Truly, I was overwhelmed with their actions and there was no doubt, that they brought high spirits and inspiration.

We are very proud of our Household Heads, Bro Rey and Sis Mariz Rio, for being supportive from Day 1 to this date. Words cannot express how grateful we are. They showed the bigger picture of Jesus’ teachings and how we can apply, relate and use it in our everyday life. They taught us how to weigh and approach situations and other family matters through God’s grace. This is the reason why we are always looking forward to our household meetings. We notice how we see things differently now. Team Rio taught us that it is normal to experience challenges in life but because we put Christ in the middle of it all, we have confidence within us.  Because we are fully guided by POWER – we have the power of FAITH. They are truly a God’s gift!

Today, as a family we are praying every day before meals and sleeping, which we have never done before. We even prayed the rosary together during this year’s Holy Week for the first time. Our children realize right now that Jesus Christ is truly everything. Currently, they are attending Kids for Christ, which is a wonderful start to meet kids  their age and to mingle with new circle of friends. Knowing Jesus at their early stage makes us think that joining the CFC has brought the family closer to Our Saviour. We are blessed with this community.

I can justifiably say that we are tuned in the right channel, leading us the path to a better Christian life. My playlist from Maroon 5 to Liveloud songs is one example of how I evolved as a person. I wake up every morning full of warm thoughts, gratitude and appreciation of how life is beautiful living with Christ. So, was it enough? I believe this is only the start. Team Del Castillo is still hungry and thirsty to know you more – Jesus Christ!


For this, may God be Praised!

Miko and Roa del Castillo