“You are Beloved, You are Gifted, You are Empowered!”

2Tim1:6, 4:1-5

The very first mass of the ICON on 5th April 2019 was celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop George Rimando of Davao. He did so with fervor and his homily was punctuated with strong exhortation telling the youth present (numbering 7,000+) “You are Beloved, You are Gifted and You are Empowered”!

What an affirmation of faith by the Catholic Church to all, young and old alike! As this is YFC ICON, it brings emphasis on the important role young people play in building an inclusive and most importantly loving church to its young members.

These resounded well to us in 2001 when we joined Couples For Christ (CFC) as we embarked on setting the world on fire by heeding the community’s call to Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth!

You see, as we were called to do His work, many times we faced fear because we did not know what we will be before us. More so if the mission involves a leadership role. We would always ask ourselves whether we are worthy of the work that we are being asked to do in the ministry. We were fortunate to be reminded always by our leaders that the Lord does not call on the qualified but qualifies those whom He calls. Several leaders would lovingly remind us that we are Beloved, Gifted and Empowered to do His work just like the apostles who were not fit to do His work but by His grace heeded the call to spread the Good news and we know how the story goes.

We should all be assured that as God continues to work in and through us, He does so with all whom He has entrusted under our care. Fear not! This is His community and it will live on be His light to the world through many years and we are just but one of those that He constantly reminds as He calls us to serve, “My child, You are Beloved, You are Gifted and You are Empowered”.

~ Bro Jonar and Sis Mai Lusung

YFC Singapore Couple Coordinators